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Wearing Thalia Heckroth Maeve Sweater.

Thalia Heckroth

Featuring Scarlet Creative Campbell House MC RARE and O.M.E.N. Waiting For Santa Paws Yellow Lab, both from The Arcade.

The Arcade

Could You Please Read Me A Story?


Featuring Scarlet Creative Campbell House MC RARE, Jammin Scholar’s Closed Book 1/6, Book Stack 3/3, Open Book 2/4 & 3/4, .aisling. Nina’s Living room Wood Stool & Rope Lamp and O.M.E.N. Waiting For Santa Paws Yellow Lab. All from The Arcade.

The Arcade

Line Study #6

6couWearing AZOURY Faithless Collar & Crown RARE, from The Arcade. Also wearing Tableau Vivant Koca Hair & Genesis Lab Angie Head.

The Arcade

The Nest


Wearing Enfant Terrible L’Odeur du Cuir Corset RARE, and featuring DRD MB Beast’s Chair & {anc} NO LIMITS flock of flying doves. All from The Arcade.

The Arcade
Essenz @ Enchantment

Also wearing Essenz Rio de Janeiro Heels, from Enchantment and Murray Greta Hairstyle.

Arcade Highlights




1st: Dust Bunny Beaded Lamp & Ariskea Petite Paris Bienvenue a Paris
2d: LODE Headwear Fleur d’hiver
3d: NOMAD Antique Jewellery Box RARE

All coming at The Arcade tomorrow.

Tiny Vanity



Featuring [[RH]] Kuruwa Make-up Set, Zabuton Crane & Zashikirou RARE, from The Creators Collection Box. Also wearing Antielle Hyaku Monogatari Tattoo.

The Creators Collection Box

Shadow Quest


Wearing White Widow Deadman Tattoo and E-Clipse LuceJeans BlueRider, both available at Shiny Shabby. Also wearing Ayashi Keito Hair, from GEN-Neutral.

Shiny Shabby

Heading West


Wearing CLAVv Boho Backpack Brown RARE & Fringed Hat and Reverie Nico Fringe Jacket, all coming at Shiny Shabby event November 20th.

Also wearing Genesis Lab Angie Head, from Kustom9.

Shiny Shabby




Wearing Genesis Lab Angie Head, from Kustom9, and DIRAM Jelena Body Beige. Also wearing MINA Yuliya.

So so sad November

so so

Wearing booN Lab 002 Hair & sYs Vertigo Boots. Also wearing Genesis Lab Angie Head, available at kustom9.

Western Vibe


Featuring Ideza Furnitures Susana Wagon Bed. Wearing Ison Celen Jeans & Leather Knee Boots, from Collabor88.

Also featuring Scarlet Creative Rwah Rustic Barn RARE and Genesis Lab Madlen Head.

Genesis Lab



Wearing Mai Bilavio Holiday Edition Lash Book (it’s a limited edition).

Also wearing RO Admiral Black, coming at Enchantment November 14th. Also featuring Ikon Triumph Eyes & Genesis Lab Madlen Head with Gwei skin.

Mai Bilavio

Somewhere in your sky tonight


Wearing Zenith Guardian Of The Stars common black set, coming at Fantasy Gacha Carnival November 7. Also wearing Genesis Lab Annie Head, from TCF.

Editorial Series #1


Left: 1992 Turtleneck Over Shoulder Dress.

Middle: Murray Mid-Lengh Skirt (coming soon) and Salvadori Wrapped Leather Sandals

Right: Murray Greta Hairstyle (coming soon) and Thalia Heckroth Claire Dress.
Thalia Heckroth

Romantic Reminiscent


Wearing Zenith Vintage Corset Dress Flower B, and featuring cinphul Brooding Curtains, Apt B Back To Black Sofa RARE & Chandalier, all available at Shiny Shabby event.

Also featuring Scarlet Creative Greenwich Park House RARE.

Shiny Shabby

Linked by all means


He’s wearing 7P Pamzkie Tattoo & She’s wearing 7P Paradise Tattoo, both coming at Shiny Shabby event.

Also featuring Bold and Beauty Hair Ruby.

Red Rose


Wearing Lark Rose Funeral Veil RARE & Rose Veil Red, coming at TAG! Gacha October 17th.

Also wearing .aisling. Lucretia 1 and Genesis Lab Olivia Head.

TAG! Gacha

Calling All Crows


Wearing MVD Lolita Corset, coming at Pastel Goth Fair 2015, October 16th.

Also wearing Silvery K Magical Gacha Crown Black & Crow RARE and featuring M.Law Halloween Gacha Fence, all coming at Wayward Halloween October 16th.



Wearing Moon Elixir Wheat Choker & Necklace available October 12h at GEN-Neutral.

Also wearing MONSO My Hair Fernanda from Collabor88 and Genesis Lab Olivia Head from TSS.

Arrangement of Skins


Featuring NOMAD Gothic Diva Goat Taxidermy RARE & Gothic Settee, coming at TAG! Gacha October 17th.

Wearing .aisling. Larah Chestlace, from WE<3RP, Tres Blah Lovett Skirt, from Collabor88, and Genesis Lab Olivia Head, from TSS.


Remembering those days without mesh head & body…


Wearing Facade Shielded Tattoo & posing with Terra Design Female_14, both coming at GEN-Neutral October 12th.

Also wearing Genesis Lab Olivia Head, available today at TSS, with Eyeshadows Ghost Tower from Amber pack.



Featuring Beusy/Beusame Thorne Hair, and junk drew chaise denim & abstract canvas, all coming at GEN-Neutral tomorrow. Wearing Valentina E. Altitude ensemble.

Also wearing Genesis Lab Marie Head, from TCF.
The Chapter Four

Sepia Gender


A new event, GEN-Neutral, will open on Saturday the 12th at 12SL PM.


Wearing KoKoLoRes Val Hair, LUXE Links Chain Black, Cae Septum Basic 5 and Caboodle Scarf. All coming at GEN-Neutral.

Also wearing Genesis Lab Marie Head, from TCF.

The Chapter Four

Swan Dance

swan dance

Featuring NOMAD Brocante Swan Taxidermy RARE & Tableau Vivant Southern Wind. Both from The Arcade.

The Arcade

The Magic Hour

magic hour

Featuring 8F8 Storyteller’s Burrow Garden House RARE, Old Armchair & Lantern Cage, Contraption Grandfather Clock – The Thrice Greats RARE, MadPea Cursed Collection – Glockenspiel & Birdy Hocus Pocus Owlie Brown.

All from The Arcade.

The Arcade

The Grand Departure

The Grand Departure

Wearing Howl Military Uniform Male & Soldier Cap, and David Heather Satchel Carry Mud. Featuring xin Abandoned Train Station RARE, Train Cart Red RARE, Travel Luggage Push Cart, and David Heather Satchel Spilled.

All from The Arcade.

The Arcade

Also wearing new Genesis Lab Marie Head, available at The Chapter Four.

Scarlet Creative

Urban Love


Wearing Olive The Late Hair, Essenz Amsterdam Heels and Valentina E. Cara Leather Dress. Joseph is wearing Bauhaus Movement David Jacket, xin. emmanuel chinos, Deadwool Undercut Hair & Clef de Peau James skin.

Featuring The Loft Ezra Sofa, Kunst Rustic Automn Gacha set, Concept Jacob rugs and Toiz Homme Art Canevas.

All available at the Shiny Shabby event!

Shiny Shabby

Also featuring Pixel Mode – The Heights Studio Apartment.


Brocante 2

Featuring some items of 22769 Fancy Dresser Friends, NOMAD Improvised, Apt B Simple Conforts Gacha, and Zenith sets. All availableat the Shiny Shabby event.

Shiny Shabby

Loud Fever


Featuring [zerkalo] Ethnic Drums and Dancing Rugs. Wearing Moon Amore Lakshmi set & Identity #2 Real Call RARE tattoo, both from FGC. Also wearing Genesis Lab Jiang Head.


I Should Have Known Better


Featuring [ zerkalo ] Evelin’s Bathroom, available at Fameshed. And PM The Heights Studio Apartment.

Wearing Dela Gardenia Hair, TETRA High Asymmetric Drape Skirt & Sleeveless Cropped Top, and Genesis Lab Jiang Head, all available at the Shiny Shabby event. Also wearing Essenz Costa Rica Heels, from The Gacha Garden.



Wearing LODE Wild Strawberry, Ariskea Pansy Headband, Tableau Vivant Koca Hair & White Widow Tesis, all from Shiny Shabby event.

Shiny Shabby

Also wearing Genesis Lab Chloe Head.

Life Map

Life Map

Wearing Bold & Beauty Delilah Hair & Bolson Sagmeister tattoo, both available at the Shiny Shabby event.

Shiny Shabby

Bloom Day

Wearing LODE Ann Lily Crown Peach RARE & Genesis Lab Maya Head & Entwined Anna Hair.

Grey Smoke Portrait

Wearing Zaara Morjim Bikini RARE & Weed Joint, White Widow Midnight in Paris tattoo, and Tableau Vivant Alexandria.

And Genesis Lab Maya Head.

The Art of Caress

The Art of Caress

Wearing Erratic Alicia Negligee RARE. Featuring RageWorks Classic Atrium White RARE & Nomad Amore Chandelier & Anc Hatsuyume Peacock pet RARE & WEAR.

The Arcade


Midnight Guide

midnight guide

Featuring MVD Erotic Lingerie Sienna Couture. Also featuring Apple Fall Paris Loft Skybox RARE & Dolly Bed RARE.


Almost Delicate

Wearing Tableau Vivant Fresh Hair, Valentina E. Have You Forgotten Dress & PUMEC Renata Skin*, and featuring cinphul ASBMF Lace, all available at the Shiny Shabby event.

Shiny Shabby event

*worn with Lelutka Mesh Head Lotte

The Retreat

the retreat
Featuring Pixel Mode Dorthy’s Shed, MINA Myrtle Hair & Rebel Gal Neuw Das Tight Skinny, all available at the Shiny Shabby event.

Shiny Shabby event

Nude as Lace

nude as lace 2
Wearing Essenz Cape Town & White Widow Midnight in Paris, both coming at Shiny Shabby Event.

Shiny Shabby

Also featuring oyasumi metal chair light & Little Bones Chachki Hair.

Moon Blossom

Featuring Pixel Mode The Heights Studio Apartment, available at the 6th Republic event.

Wearing NO Flower Princess Lace Tutu, available at Collabor88.

Candle Dance

Featuring [zerkalo] Persian Rug, available at We


Also featuring ISON Hanging Lamps.

Far Light

far light

Featuring [zerkalo] Leather Bean Bag 4, available today @ The Home Show.

Wearing MINA Jacky Hair.

The Pillow Room


Wearing M. Birdy Story Matryoshka Look Clothing RARE. Featuring Apt B. Douze Roses Cabinet RARE & Basket Pillow, Tarte Throw Pillows & Kunst Soviet Propaganda Poster #2. all available at Shiny Shabby event.

Shiny Shabby

Also featuring Apple Fall Commercial Studio RARE.

Crotchet Rest

crotchet rest

Wearing Zenith Nineteenth Century Long Skirt RARE & Violin RARE, from Vintage Gacha 2. Featuring Scarlet Creative Neva Chapel. Both available at Shiny Shabby event.

Shiny Shabby

Also featuring MINA Vera Hair & Floorplan scattered sheet music


Featuring Trompe l’Oeil Alexi Chase Lounge & The Loft Lux Wall Divider, both available at Collabor88.

Wearing Zaara Trikaya Lingerie

Simple Love

simple love

Featuring [ zerkalo ] Bean Bag – available at Cosmopolitan Event, and Scarlet Creative Petite Cabine, from Collabor88.


Event horizon

event horizon

Featuring Scarlet Creative Petite Cabine from Collabor88, and Apple Fall Books & Map and Rug, available at Fameshed.

Melody Moment

Wearing ISON Spider Line Tank, and Little Bones Fame Hair from Uber event. Featuring Apt B Benedict Chair, available at Shiny Shabby event.
Also featuring Apple Fall Rural Farmhouse RARE & Breno A Fishing Getaway Gramophone RARE.

Shiny Shabby Event

Pictural skin

pictural skin
Wearing Antielle Beijng Opera Makeup, Ofuda Charms & Hyaku Monogatari Tattoo, coming soon at Xiasumi School Festival.
Also featuring .xin Chinese Divider from Kowloon Dwell gacha set, at The Arcade.

Xiasumi School Festival

Writing down my New Year’s Resolution…


I always do that at night, when I’m all alone, in silence. I need to make it right. To really mean what I’m writing down. It’s a time to think of the past year. What went wrong. What I’ve done right. And where I’m heading from that point… Wish you all a healthy & creative & sweet & fun New Year!

Featuring Apple Fall English Folly RARE, Pixel Mode The Writer’s room set, including Writer’s Desk RARE & Script Chair RARE, Erratic Hazel Oversized Sweater RARE & Shawl White & Eva Holiday Socks; SORGO Geek Bookpile, Junk Wood Burner & Letter Rack, Floorpan Tableau des Periodiques, 8F8 Granny’s Winter Cottage Carpet, Tarte Repurposed Shutter.

Gacha Religion


Gacha is a form of religion, with devoted collectors seeking their Holy Grail… don’t you think?


Rising Sun Delicates


Could eat sushis every day. Seriously. Well, I had to add some spaghettis & pizzas from time to time, of course. And Indian food too. And a bit of chicken. You know what I mean. But today is feast day. And only 8F8 can make it possible in such refined way. Featuring 8F8 Rising Sun Delicates set, from Xiasumi event. And Oyasumi Japanese Table & House RARE. Wearing Pixicat Kimono & !dM Amidala headdress and makeup.

Ghost Story II


Featuring Contraption Mask Agonia, SORGO Dark Cloak, Erratic Mystery RARE & AF Old Mayfair Skybox RARE

Ghost story


Haunting my RageWorks Classic Skyloft White RARE…

Featuring little bones Willow hair, and my own precious ass…