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Black Thursday

Wearing Big Beautiful Doll Latex Lingerie Kitty. And Azoury Kate Cap from Shiny Shabby. Shiny Shabby BBD


  Wearing Genesis Lab Angie Head, from Kustom9, and DIRAM Jelena Body Beige. Also wearing MINA Yuliya. Kustom9

So so sad November

Wearing booN Lab 002 Hair & sYs Vertigo Boots. Also wearing Genesis Lab Angie Head, available at kustom9. Kustom9


Wearing Mai Bilavio Holiday Edition Lash Book (it’s a limited edition). Also wearing RO Admiral Black, coming at Enchantment November … Continue Reading Hooyah!

Lonely Together

Wearing Thalia Heckroth Martha Dress. Featuring Scarlet Creative Burtonesque House from Collabor88. Thalia Heckroth


Wearing Moon Elixir Wheat Choker & Necklace available October 12h at GEN-Neutral. Also wearing MONSO My Hair Fernanda from Collabor88 … Continue Reading Shy


Featuring Beusy/Beusame Thorne Hair, and junk drew chaise denim & abstract canvas, all coming at GEN-Neutral tomorrow. Wearing Valentina E. … Continue Reading Pensive

Swan Dance

Featuring NOMAD Brocante Swan Taxidermy RARE & Tableau Vivant Southern Wind. Both from The Arcade. The Arcade


Featuring some items of 22769 Fancy Dresser Friends, NOMAD Improvised, Apt B Simple Conforts Gacha, and Zenith sets. All availableat … Continue Reading Brocante

Little Despair

Wearing Zenith Vintage Purfle Pearl Dress RARE & Rose Crown, available at the Shiny Shabby event. Shiny Shabby


Wearing Mai Bilavio World Tour StripLash in Miami. And Genesis Lab new group gift Sunny Head. Mai Bilavio Genesis Lab

Life Map

Wearing Bold & Beauty Delilah Hair & Bolson Sagmeister tattoo, both available at the Shiny Shabby event. Shiny Shabby

Bloom Day

Wearing LODE Ann Lily Crown Peach RARE & Genesis Lab Maya Head & Entwined Anna Hair.

Silent Luxury

Wearing Big Beautiful Doll Greta Lingerie. More credits soon. Big Beautiful Doll

Line Study

Wearing Dead Dollz Zion Dress, from Shiny Shaby event. Shiny Shabby

Soul Sight

Wearing Mad’ Chained Eyebrows. And Genesis Lab Maya Head. Mad’

Editorial Mood

Wearing GATO Link top & Hover Skirt, available June the 20th, at the Shiny Shabby event. Shiny Shabby

Midnight Guide

Featuring MVD Erotic Lingerie Sienna Couture. Also featuring Apple Fall Paris Loft Skybox RARE & Dolly Bed RARE. MVD

Petite Plume

Wearing aisling Khatel rares, from Fantasy Gacha Carnival. FGC

Candle Dance

Featuring [zerkalo] Persian Rug, available at We We Also featuring ISON Hanging Lamps.

Far Light

Featuring [zerkalo] Leather Bean Bag 4, available today @ The Home Show. Wearing MINA Jacky Hair.


Featuring Trompe l’Oeil Alexi Chase Lounge & The Loft Lux Wall Divider, both available at Collabor88. Wearing Zaara Trikaya Lingerie

Simple Love

Featuring [ zerkalo ] Bean Bag – available at Cosmopolitan Event, and Scarlet Creative Petite Cabine, from Collabor88. Cosmopolitan

Event horizon

Featuring Scarlet Creative Petite Cabine from Collabor88, and Apple Fall Books & Map and Rug, available at Fameshed.


From where I stand, I can see how magic happens…


Wearing the beautiful Clumpy Princess Lash Set from Mai #LashedByMai

My Art Shelter

It’s where I isolate myself from everything, to hear that little creative voice inside me…

New View

Infinite mountains and trees under the sun, that’s what I look at, for a long moment, each day, in silence.

January Mood

It’s pretty cold outside, so I just meditate here, in silence.

Gacha Religion

Gacha is a form of religion, with devoted collectors seeking their Holy Grail… don’t you think?  

Ghost Story II

Featuring Contraption Mask Agonia, SORGO Dark Cloak, Erratic Mystery RARE & AF Old Mayfair Skybox RARE

Ghost story

Haunting my RageWorks Classic Skyloft White RARE… Featuring little bones Willow hair, and my own precious ass…