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A North Glance

  credits: PH disordered hair 2 ULTRARARE, coming at SaNaRae


credit: .Shi Hearken Hair @ Shiny Shabby BUENO-Fox Jackets @UBER

How Many Chains Must I Break?

credits: .aisling. Isfyr MVD X Lowen Kendall Corset CX Threadbare Exclusive, from The Epiphany Carol G. Trina Tattoo The Epiphany

Cream Day

credits: Swallow Pyramid Ears, from Shiny Shabby BBD Tamara Cute Lingerie (For SLINK) BBD

Nowhere Close

credits: Genesis Lab Lorena Head RARE & Comics Vampire Lips & Bleeding Mascara, from The Epiphany Izzie’s Lua Teary Eyes, from The Epiphany RE Era Mask, from The Epiphany The Epiphany

Ice Mint Mood

credits: .Shi Valiant Hair Blueberry Secret Dress RARE, from The Epiphany The Epiphany

Little Glossy Girl

credit: Curemore Lovely Clinic Angelic Dress RARE, coming at The Epiphany The Epiphany

Seeking Deep Under

credits: Glam Affair Moirah Applier (Catwa), from C88 AZOURY Grim Helmet, from We sYs SAMHAINDress, from TLC

Platinum Halo

credits: aisling Nealane Crown EF Emblazon, from Fameshed SAYO Haunted Cape, from Salem

In Pure Light

credits: Genesis Lab Amberly Head @Limit8 Little Bones Xia Hair, from Collab88

Primal Soul Seeking

credits: Empyrean Forge Kali Ma Headdress & S&P Dress Nyah, both from We ❤ RP

Slight Arabesque

credits: Zenith Leather Belt Gloves, from Shiny Shabby [e] Kabrina Hair, from Shiny Shabby

Vintage Profile

credits: MVD Satin Gown, from Tres Chic Genesis Lab Nina Head RARE, from kustom9 PM Lost Mind Headdress, from Enchantment

Almost Nothing To Hide

credits: Valentina E. Zigzag Dress, from Shiny Shabby .Shi Pixie Boy Hair, from Hair Fair Carol G. Skull Arms Tattoo

Red Stretch

credits: sYs Colette Hir from Hair Fair Ilaya The Cube Tattoo, from SS Dead Dollz Imma, from SS

Urban Muse

credits: White Widow Equals @ SS Swallow Shiny Ears @ SS Genesis Lab Amelie Head @ SS

I see it all now

  credits: AZOURY Japet @ Men Only Monthly .Shi Valiant Hair (Gift at Hair Fair)

Skin Lanscape

credits: .Shi Juxta Hair, from Hair Fair Speakeasy Excel Tattoo, from The Epiphany

Midnight Grey

credits: Moon Elixir Motel Musings Exclusive Bra, from The Epiphany Genesis Lab Giorgia Head Genesis Lab

Mystical Bondage

  Wearing [sYs] DEVOTION mask, from We ❤ RP. and sYs Devotion Dress. sYs @ We ❤ RP


Wearing parts of MVD Sensation Gown Fetish, coming at the The Dark Style Fair 3.

All Of Me

Wearing Moon Elixir Chakra Sweater & Speakeasy The Wicked Tattoo, both from The Epiphany. The Epiphany

Frills & Curls

Wearing Dela Madison Hair & Dad Dollz Imogen Panties Rose, both avaialble at Shiny Shabby. Shiny Shabby

More Light, Please

Wearing S&P zit-it gown RARE, coming at Gacha Guardians, starting April 1st.


Wearing MVD Domina Panties High, coming at Tres Chic.

Like A Bra Model

Wearing BBD Silk Orchid Lingerie, and Murray Magdalena Head. Murray BBD

To Let Go

Wearing Murray Magdalena Head. Also wearing INK Fluttering Hair with Books RARE, from The Arcade. The Arcade

Precious Sound

Wearing: Murray Magdalena Head .aisling. Sofai Chestlace from We BUENO Tiara Headphones Gold RARE, from The Arcade.


Wearing Murray Magdalena Head, coming later today. Also wearing ISON strapless ethereal gown, from Uber.


Wearing Enfant Terrible Vintage Romance Oufit RARE & Tableau Vivant May Hair, both from The Arcade. Also wearing Genesis Lab … Continue Reading Courbes

Waiting For The Concert

Featuring Scarlet Creative Anastasia House RARE & Light Fire, Fancy Decor Classical Parlor Harpsichord RARE & Parlor Rug & Beethoven Portrait and OMEN Mischievous Kittens Unlikely Firends & Curious Kitty. All coming at The Arcade March 1st. The Arcade

Eastern Pearl

  Wearing Genesis Lab Liu Head RARE with Geisha Cream Skin, all available at Kustom9. Kustom9

Something About Structure

Wearing .Shi Introvert Hair & Mai Bilavio Serena Suede Cutout Dress, both available at Kustom9. Kustom9

Diagonal Light

Wearing ISON Spy Dress, Ingenue Zora Heels and featuring Scarlet Creative Huntsman Manor, all available at Collabor88. Collabor88

A Simple Woman

  Wearing Thalia Heckroth Anouk Dress & Moon Hair Boa (Group gift) Thalia Heckroth

Candle Nude

Wearing Speakeasy Flint Tattoo & NX-Nardcotix Ida Stiletto, both available at the Liaison Collaborative. TLC

Minimal Sound

  Featuring Ideza Home Made DJ Booth, from Cosmopolitan. Also wearing .Shi Blown Hair. .Shi Cosmopolitan

January Light

Wearing Valentina E. Sweetheart Lace Bra, from Uber. Uber

Slight Movement

Wearing Thalia Heckroth Alessandra Gown & .Shi Ruff it up Hair. Thalia Heckroth  


  Wearing ISON Lace Bralette, available at Uber & Genesis Lab Angie Head.  

Figure Picturale

Wearing Thalia Heckroth Helena Gown. Featuring NOMAD Tufted Chair. Thalia Heckroth NOMAD

Being Nelly

Wearing Genesis Lab Nelly Head, from Kustom9. Also wearing .Shi Couveture – Drape Vest & Sultry Hair. Kustom9 .Shi

An Epic Nap

Wearing .aisling. Ydriss Chestlace, coming at The Secret Affair. And AD Gemma Hair.

A Classic Contemporary Pose

Featuring ChiMia Neutral Apartment, coming at GEN-Neutral, and Boudoir Nouveau Riche Wearable Money Pile RARE, from OMG!

Silent Cry

Wearing Genesis Lab Lindsey Head, coming at The Seasons Story January 10th, and Empyrean Forge Artisan Mesh Benedictine’s Riata, coming at FEROSH FASHION WEEKEND WINTER 2016, January 22nd.


Wearing Murray Cecile Hairstyle. Also wearing Speakeasy Flo Tattoo & LF Native Paint. Murray

A Little Nap

Featuring Scarlet Creative Group Gift Distressed Table with Cloth and Apple Fall Gatekeepers’ Lodge RARE.

Strass Swan

Wearing Mignon Twinkle Dress &  Kunglers Cerys Earrings.

Close Call

Wearing Big Beautiful Doll Vintage Bride Lingerie Set. Big Beautiful Doll Also wearing Genesis Lab Nicole Head, from Collabor88. Collabor88


Wearing Thalia Heckroth Maeve Sweater. Thalia Heckroth Featuring Scarlet Creative Campbell House MC RARE and O.M.E.N. Waiting For Santa Paws … Continue Reading BFF