Antique attic with static kitties

antique attic

She smiles each time I ask her if I can explore her attic. You might never find your way back to me again, she laugh. And then she prepares tea, and wait for my return.

Featuring Hideki Shabby Chair Decor & Shabby Closet, Pixel Mode Victoria Chandelier, Glam Affair Table Chandelier, Zerkalo Rug, Pile of Books #1, #2 & #3, Reverie Honey Pie Windows and Wood Planks & Honey Pie Aged Coffee Table, all from Shiny Shabby Event.

Also featuring Hideki Attic RARE, Apple Fall Gypsy Dresser & Dress Form w/dress, Zigana Grannies Screen, Second Spaces Old Window Frames, Floorpan Vintage Crate, Sailor’s Sofa, Suitcase Stack, FD Cats.

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