Writing down my New Year’s Resolution…


I always do that at night, when I’m all alone, in silence. I need to make it right. To really mean what I’m writing down. It’s a time to think of the past year. What went wrong. What I’ve done right. And where I’m heading from that point… Wish you all a healthy & creative & sweet & fun New Year!

Featuring Apple Fall English Folly RARE, Pixel Mode The Writer’s room set, including Writer’s Desk RARE & Script Chair RARE, Erratic Hazel Oversized Sweater RARE & Shawl White & Eva Holiday Socks; SORGO Geek Bookpile, Junk Wood Burner & Letter Rack, Floorpan Tableau des Periodiques, 8F8 Granny’s Winter Cottage Carpet, Tarte Repurposed Shutter.

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