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Tag: aisling

Feather Power

feather po

Wearing .aisling. Meave Collar RARE & Crown RARE, and Demonic Dreamer Tattoo, all coming at FGC May 7th. Also wearing Magika Meadow Hair.

Precious Sound


Murray Magdalena Head
.aisling. Sofai Chestlace from We BUENO Tiara Headphones Gold RARE, from The Arcade.

An Epic Nap


Wearing .aisling. Ydriss Chestlace, coming at The Secret Affair. And AD Gemma Hair.

Could You Please Read Me A Story?


Featuring Scarlet Creative Campbell House MC RARE, Jammin Scholar’s Closed Book 1/6, Book Stack 3/3, Open Book 2/4 & 3/4, .aisling. Nina’s Living room Wood Stool & Rope Lamp and O.M.E.N. Waiting For Santa Paws Yellow Lab. All from The Arcade.

The Arcade

Red Rose


Wearing Lark Rose Funeral Veil RARE & Rose Veil Red, coming at TAG! Gacha October 17th.

Also wearing .aisling. Lucretia 1 and Genesis Lab Olivia Head.

TAG! Gacha

Arrangement of Skins


Featuring NOMAD Gothic Diva Goat Taxidermy RARE & Gothic Settee, coming at TAG! Gacha October 17th.

Wearing .aisling. Larah Chestlace, from WE<3RP, Tres Blah Lovett Skirt, from Collabor88, and Genesis Lab Olivia Head, from TSS.