The Magic Hour

magic hour

Featuring 8F8 Storyteller’s Burrow Garden House RARE, Old Armchair & Lantern Cage, Contraption Grandfather Clock – The Thrice Greats RARE, MadPea Cursed Collection – Glockenspiel & Birdy Hocus Pocus Owlie Brown.

All from The Arcade.

The Arcade

Rising Sun Delicates


Could eat sushis every day. Seriously. Well, I had to add some spaghettis & pizzas from time to time, of course. And Indian food too. And a bit of chicken. You know what I mean. But today is feast day. And only 8F8 can make it possible in such refined way. Featuring 8F8 Rising Sun Delicates set, from Xiasumi event. And Oyasumi Japanese Table & House RARE. Wearing Pixicat Kimono & !dM Amidala headdress and makeup.